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Is SmartLipo good for Brazilian Butt Lift?

Burning fat with a laser is never a good idea when you are trying to save the fat and keep it alive for a transfer to another part of the body

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SmartLipo is a laser-assisted liposuction technique. Laser is used to melt fat cells in an effort to make the removal less physically demanding. Because SmartLipo melts fat cells, fat cells are destroyed and therefore they are absolutely unsuitable for fat grafting in Brazilian Butt Lift.
The Manufacturer claims this is 'one of the most successful liposuction procedures' however independent scientific studies to date have not shown SmartLipo to be superior to any of the other liposuction variant such as PowerLipo, VASER, WaterJet, or Bodytite (amongst others). Claimed benefits of the laser are that it melts the fat to loosen it and allow for easier removal, the laser causes skin tightening, patients recover quicker. Skin tightening is one of the most sought-after procedures but there is yet to be a procedure that is able to tighten the skin. The theory behind the Laser skin tightening is that as skin heats up, it tightens. While that is true, the amount of heat required to create that effect would in effect burn the skin. And in fact, in an attempt to cause skin tightening, some surgeons come too close to the skin actually causing skin burns. Skin burns are one of the main downsides of Laser Liposuction. Another downfall of SmartLipo is that it is in effect two procedures: a pre-treatment of fat with the laser, followed by traditional liposuction to remove the melted fat. This means that the over surgical time is extended beyond what normal liposuction would take.

To ensure maximal fat survival, Dr. Jugenburg does not use SmartLipo. Traditional liposuction is the Gold Standard to which all other liposuction techniques are compared to and which is still as effective as any other liposuction techniques. If additional help is required, Dr. Jugenburg uses Power-Assisted Liposuction. The benefits of PowerLipo are that it helps break up tough fibrous tissue through gentle vibration of it's tip. It does not require pre-treatment of the fat like SmartLipo does, and the Power treatment takes place at the same time as liposuction. Thus there is no un-necessary prolongation of the surgical procedure. Shorter surgery is better surgery. There is never need to take too long to get a Brazilian Butt Lift done.

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