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Recovery After Brazilian Butt Lift

Following your surgery, please our instructions to ensure maximum amount of the fat injected into your butt will survive

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A Brazilian Butt Lift surgery involves transferring fat from other body parts and injecting fat into the butt. In order to maximize the amount of fat that survives this procedure and to maximize the cosmetic outcome, strict protocol must be followed during the recover phase after the Brazilian Butt Lift.

Maximize your healing potential

To ensure a speedy recovery after the Brazilian Butt Lift surgery, patient should ensure they take proper nutritional supplements, proteins, vitamins. Smoking should be avoided at all cost. Patients with illnesses that impair wound healing, such as Diabetes, immune deficiencies, or illnesses requiring steroid medications need to understand that their results will be less impressive than those of otherwise healthy individuals

Avoid injury to the transferred fat cells

After a Brazilian Butt Lift surgery, Dr. Jugenburg explains to all his patients that they must avoid any injury to the fragile fat cells that have been grafted/transferred to the butt. These cells have been traumatized during the liposuction stage of the Brazilian Butt Lift. They are very fragile and any additional injury can lead to fat cell death. To avoid excessive fat loss, Dr. Jugenburg asks that all his patients avoid pressure on the transferred fact cells. This means no sitting for most patients, no lying on your back. Patients can stand up and walk, or sleep on their stomach. This restriction last for two weeks. After two weeks, patients can sit on their butt, but preferably on a soft pillow. During the first two weeks after fat grafting, if you do need to sit down, try to keep it to a minimum and stand up or relieve pressure as often as possible. Some of our patient fly in to Toronto to have their surgery and then they fly back home. Since it is unreasonable to keep them in Toronto for two weeks, we allow patients to fly back. They are to sit during the take off and landing but during the flight we ask them to stand as much as possible.

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