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How to Prepare for Your Brazilian Butt Lift in Toronto

Before your Brazilian Butt Lift surgery, please make the following preparations:

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Prescription medications

Please make sure that Dr. Jugenburg is aware of all your prescription and non-prescription medications and supplements you are taking
You should continue to take all your prescription medications up to the time of the surgery except for blood thinners and diabetic medication.

2 weeks before Brazilian Butt Lift in Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute

  • Please stop taking any blood thinning medications such as Aspirin, Advil, Motrin, or Ibuprofen.
  • Please stop taking Warfarin, Coumadin, Plavix or other medications you have been prescribed as a blood thinner, or medication to prevent blood clots or stroke. If you are unsure about your medication, please make a list of all your medications and supplements and non-prescription drugs and email it to use to review.
  • Please stop smoking. Even a single cigarette a day will have a negative impact on the results of your Brazilian Butt Lift as it will limit the number of fat cells that can survive the surgical procedure.
  • Herbal medications and diet pills should be stopped.
  • Please ensure that all your blood work and test results have been forwarded to our clinic and that Dr. Jugenburg and his team has been able to review your blood tests.
  • If you have children, please make any arrangements you need to, to have them looked after on the day of the surgery (please do not plan on bringing your children with you on the day of the surgery)

2 Days before Brazilian Butt Lift in Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute

  • You will be sent a prescription for medications. Please go to your local pharmacy to have them filled, and bring them with you on the day of your surgery.
  • Prepare loose clothing to wear the following day
  • Prepare to bring with you your wallet (you will need to have government-issued identification with you such as a driver's licence, and a credit card to be able to check into the Royal York Hotel)
  • Prepare a water bottle and some light snacks to have with you for AFTER the surgery. We recommend non-dairy, dry foods that do not upset your stomach
  • You should buy stool softeners or prune juice and start taking them two days before your surgery. After surgery you will be taking pain medications which can cause constipation. To prevent potential constipation, we recommend that you start stool softeners or drink prune juice starting two days before surgery.

Day of surgery

  • Do not take your diabetic medication on the morning of your surgery as you have been fasting
  • You should have nothing to eat or drink for 8 hours before your Brazilian Butt Lift surgery. You may have sips of water with your medication if required.
  • Please arrive 2 hours before your surgery to allow our nurses to check you in and give you time to relax before your surgery.
  • If your surgery is taking place at the Royal York Hotel in downtown Toronto, your or your escort will check into your hotel room prior to the surgery. If you ask your escort to check in instead of you, you will need to provide them with your ID and your credit card for the check in (Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute provides one night stay after surgery at no extra charge, however you will be responsible for any incidental charges or any potential damage to the room)
  • Prior to your arrival at the Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute, please take a shower and wash your entire body and hair thoroughly with simple soap and water. You do not need to purchase and special anti-biotic products
  • Please shave / remove hair if any hair is present in the surgical field
  • Please remove ALL piercings
  • Please remove nail polish from at least one finger
  • Please DO NOT wear make up
  • Please DO NOT put on body lotion or any creams
  • Please DO NOT bring any jewelry with you
  • Please make sure a friend or a family member comes with you and waits for you to take you from the clinic. You CANNOT be left alone immediately after surgery for 24 hours because you could potential faint and injure yourself

After your Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

After your Brazilian Butt Lift surgery, you cannot be left alone for 24 hours. You will need to have a responsible adult with you who is capable of caring for you and supporting you while you walk. You will be prone to gaining and CANNOT be allowed to walk (even just to the washroom) all alone. IF you cannot have someone with you after surgery, we can provide you with personal support worker at $400 per night.
For optimal recovery, please follow Dr. Jugenburg's instructions for recovery after a Brazilian Butt Lifr

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