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How long does fat survive after a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Fat survival after a Brazilian Butt Lift is the most critical aspect of the procedure and the one that differentiates a Brazilian Butt Lift expert from someone who doesn't do a lot of these procedures

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How long does fat survive after a Brazilian Butt Lift? That is one of the most crucial questions in Brazilian Butt Lift surgery. Anyone can liposuction fat and fluid and then inject it into a butt to make it look good. But how can a surgeon make sure that the fat survives this process?

Not all fat survives… never. While there are some surgeons and clinics that claim over 95% fat cell survival, it is difficult not to be very skeptical of those claims. First of all it is difficult to determine exactly how much survives, thus it's difficult to 'prove them wrong'. However if you look at patient pictures before and measurements before and then compare them over time, you will see that some fat is lost. In our experience it takes about 3 months for the results of a Brazilian Butt Lift to stabilize. Thus looking at before and after pictures of a Brazilian Butt Lift surgery, surgeons should state the time when pictures were taken and they should be taken more than 3 months after the Brazilian Butt Lift surgery.

Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute and Dr. Jugenburg have been performing fat transfer surgery in Toronto for years and has one of the most extensive experiences in Canada. In our experience about 15-20% of fat is lost. But more importantly, there is a limit to what patients can offer as fat for fat transfer. Very often you see before and after pictures of relatively skinny women before the fat transfer, and then same skinny woman with a large butt from a fat transfer. Where did all this extra volume come from?

Fat transfer is a delicate procedure and not all the fat survives. Dr Jugenburg's meticulous fat collection and fat transfer ensures maximal survival of fat cells

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