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Fat Transfer

Moving fat from areas where you don't want them and injecting it into the butt where you do want it.

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Fat transfer (medical term: fat grafting) is a surgical procedure where fat cells and the fat they contain (not free floating fat) is collected from one area of your body and then placed in another. When tissue (in this case fat) is 'grafted', it means that living cells are simply placed into another body area, and left to 'fend for themselves' These cells are then on their own, surviving by absorbing nutrients and oxygen from nearby blood vessels. During the healing process, the body initiates ingrowth of new blood vessels (angiogenesis) into the collection of these grafted cells. Once the blood vessels have grown in, they cells are able to survive. Without these new blood vessels, these grafted fat cells struggle to survive and some do not. It is therefore of utmost importance that your body is at it's maximal healing potential, that new vessels form quickly, and that grafted fat cells are carefully distributed when they are being injected, so that they are spread out to be close to existing blood vessels. All of this is important to ensure that these grafted fat cells can survive long enough until proper blood flow is formed.

Fat is your Friend

In today's world fat is the enemy. We always read about how bad it is for you, how we need to limit it and eliminate it from our diet. But fat plays an important role in our normal physiological function, and it is also important for appearances. While we mostly ready about excessive fat being ugly, if correctly distributed fat creates beautiful curves and proportions.
Most people have too much fat in their belly and love handles, and not enough in their butt. A Brazilian Butt Lift surgery is the surgery that transfers fat from areas where it is unwanted to areas where you do want to have it. It's called Fat Grafting. And when grafted (transferred) to all the right places, fat becomes your friend.

Fat Transfer procedure at Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute

Fat transfer surgery, such as the Brazilian Butt Lift, is an outpatient procedure which Dr. Jugenburg performs either at our state of the art surgical facility inside the Fairmont Royal York Hotel, or at the Humber River Regional Hospital where Dr. Jugenburg is on active staff as a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon. The procedure is a great two for one deal, as it involves removal of fat from areas of unwanted fat (through liposuction) and then injections in to the areas that lack sufficient amount of fat (fat grafting).
After fat grafting, transferred fat cells must be allowed to heal and nothing should disturb the ingrowth of new blood vessels.

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