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Fat Grafting

Fat Grafting is the transfer of fat and fat cells from one body area to another. This is a very delicate technique that Dr. Jugenburg has perfected to ensure maximal fat cell survival.

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Grafting is the medical term used when tissues are moved from one area to another and the transferred fat is expected to survive long enough until the body is able to grow new blood vessels into this tissue, to provide it with oxygen and nutrients. If the body is not able heal and grow new blood vessels into the grafted fat, the fat cells will starve and suffocate and die.
Cells that have been grafted initially survive by diffusion. Oxygen and nutrients are able to diffuse or spread from healthy tissue into the fat graft but are able to diffuse only very short distances. Thus fat cells not immediately adjacent to the healthy tissue can depend only on the ingrowth of new blood vessels into the transferred fat. The clock is ticking and there is a limited time during this can happen.

Dr. Jugenburg maximizes the survival of transferred fat cells by first ensuring that your body is at it's maximal healing potential. Good nutrition, vitamins and proteins are essential. You should avoid smoking completely for a minimum of two weeks before surgery and two weeks after surgery. Otherwise the number of fat cells that can survive the brazilian butt lift fat transfer drops dramatically! Next, during the surgery Dr. Jugenburg uses only the most gentle liposuction technique to ensure that the fat cells are not damaged during the liposuction. Once collected or harvested, fat cells are treated through a gentle separation to purify the fat and remove unwanted components. Finally, during the fat grafting step of the Brazilian Butt Lift, fat cells are distributed very carefully throughout the butt tissues to ensure that they are not clumped together and that they have maximal access to the blood flow, nutrients, and oxygen.

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