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Butt Augmentation

Butt augmentation is the final step in the Brazilian Butt Lift when the purified fat is injected into the buttocks to make them larger, rounder, sexier

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The Butt Augmentation in a Brazilian Butt Lift is achieved through the use of your own fat, no implants are required. This Process is called "Fat Grafting" which is the medical term for fat transfer. Unlike implants, because this fat is your own tissue, you do not need to worry about potential long term problems of implants. Although Dr. Jugenburg performs butt augmentation in Toronto using butt implants, he always recommends using your own fat over implants for several reasons.

Advantages of Using Your Own Fat For Butt Augmentation
  • it is your own tissue, thus this is the most natural way of enhancing your butt
  • fat can be injected many different ways, allowing for customization of the enhancement
  • fat transfer leaves much smaller and much less visible scars than butt implants
  • risk of infection is much smaller than with butt implants
  • surgery is less complicated
  • results last a lifetime once fully healed
  • no maintenance is required once fully healed

Disadvantages of Using Your Own Fat
  • for most people who are not obese, the amount of excess fat which can be used is the main limiting factor to how much butt enlargement can be achieved
  • survival of transferred fat is highly variable and depends on the experience and technique of the surgeon. A successful fat transfer happens when after 3 months 80% or more of transferred fat cells have survived the procedure.

For patients who simply do not have enough fat to create the butt augmentation they are looking for, butt implants may be their only option. Dr. Jugenburg performs butt augmentation using butt implants through the crease between the butt cheeks to hide the scars.
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The above patient is too skinny to achieve any substantial butt enlargement using only fat. She underwent butt implant augmentation. Butt Implants are an option for patients who do not have sufficient excess fat or who want butt enlargement beyond what is possible with fat only.

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