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Shaping the Butt During a Brazilian Butt Lift

Use of your own fat instead of butt implants allow for unique and customized butt shaping to give you the shape and look you are looking for

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Brazilian Butt Lift, unlike Butt Augmentation using implants, is a very flexible surgery that can be completely customized to fit every patient's requests. Unlike implants which come in set sizes and shapes, fat can be injected in any imaginable distribution to shape your butt. This allows Dr. Jugenburg to preferentially inject fat into your upper butt (to create an impression of a butt lift) , to the sides (if you want to round out your butt), or into the middle to simply add volume and projection of your butt.

Traditionally, fat injection in a Brazilian Butt Lift is into the upper half of the butt to add volume preferentially higher up to create the look of a butt lift. However not all patients want that look. With his injection technique, Dr. Jugenburg is able to adjust the fat distribution any way possible to meet your goals.
There are limits, however, to what can be done. Scars and dimples can be improved with a Brazilian Butt Lift but understand that it doesn't remove or fill them completely. Also, the most frequent limitation is the limited amount of fat available. Because of this limitation, Dr. Jugenburg will discuss with you your desired butt shape and plan which area will be treated preferentially, and which areas will be treated if there is any left over fat available.

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