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Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

Brazilian Butt Lift surgery is an easy and natural way to enhance your booty. The fat transfer method has a lower risk of infection compared to the butt implant procedure.

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Beauty of the Brazilian Butt Lift

Although the procedure is called Brazilian Butt Lift, what makes it great is that in addition to sculpting the buttocks, in this procedure the love handles are reshaped and create a nice curve between the butt and the waist.

The most important thing in this procedure is not to get the “biggest butt”, but to create the best looking waist-hips-butt area. When patients bring in pictures of what they want to look like, invariably the models shown have small waists and a curvy transition between the lower back and butt. The butt doesn’t have to be that large as long as that transition area has a nice looking curve. The increased contrast between the lower back and the buttock itself, as well as the curvy transition between them, enhance the appearance of the buttock.
If you then augment the buttock with fat taken from the love handles area, the results can be spectacular..

Ideal candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift

To be an ideal candidate you need to be able to fit certain criteria
  • You must be in good health
  • Your expectations must be realistic. For a very large increase in butt volume you may need more than one treatments
  • You must have enough useable fat. Most patients over-estimate the amount of fat that can be used. You need to remember that we cannot take all the existing fat and transfer it to your butt. Some fat needs to stay behind to ensure that the area from which the fat was taken does not look deformed. Patients often point to specific areas of fat deposits and ask for all of it to be taken away. In such a case imagine if an ice-cream scoop is being used and removing ALL the fat. Can you picture the scooped out hole that would be left? For that reason some fat always has to be left behind.
Brazilian Butt Lift Toronto
Brazilian Butt Lift Butt Enlargement

Preparation for a Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

Before the surgery can take place, Dr. Jugenburg will have to examine you to ensure that you are an ideal candidate for this surgery. You will be examined to ensure that you have sufficient useable fat. Pictures will be taken (no need to worry, your face or other identifying features are not included). If necessary, you will be sent for further medical tests and examination. Your safety is our priority and we make sure we take all the necessary steps to ensure your experience is easy and safe. When your surgery is scheduled at the Hospital, the hospital protocol requires that you are screened by the hospital nurses. You will need to make an appointment with the pre-admission clinic. Nurses will perform a basic examination (heart rate, blood pressure, blood tests if required) and go through a detailed health questionnaire. You may also meet with the anesthesia doctor if Dr. Jugenburg feels that the Anesthetist may need to make special preparations for you.
Health questionnaire and physical examination, in addition to bloodwork (if required) must be completed at least one week prior to surgery. This is to ensure that the surgery can be performed in a safe manner. See our more detailed information on how to prepare for your Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery at the Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute

Cost of a Brazilian Butt Lift

The Cost of a Brazilian Butt Lift surgery starts at $9500 (additional liposuction areas 1500-2500/area). This fee includes the surgical fee, anesthesia, nursing, medications and the Operating Room fees and is the fee for a basic uncomplicated Brazilian Butt Lift. Factors that may increase this fee involve the need to liposuction fat from multiple areas, liposuction from areas that were previously operated one, the need to correct any abnormal pre-existing scarring or deformity.
The fee must be fully paid two weeks prior to surgery. A deposit is required to book and reserve a surgical spot.

Financing is available and can make this surgery possible for patients that may otherwise not be able to afford to have this surgery. Medicard ( is a Canadian financing company that specializes in financing cosmetic surgery procedures. You can fill out their online application form and it usually takes one business day for them to check your credit rating and to approve you. Once you have been approved we can proceed with the surgical planning.

Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

On the day of the surgery you will need to arrive at the Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute 2 hours prior to your surgery. You should not eat or drink anything after midnight the night before. This is to ensure that you have not eaten or drank anything at least 6 hr prior to your surgery. It is important to ensure that your stomach is empty otherwise there is a risk that while you’re being put asleep you may regurgitate your stomach contents which then can get into your lungs! Upon your arrival, you will be greeted by nurses who will take you to change. They will go through a screening questionnaire with you. Intravenous line may be started (or it may be started after you arrive in the operating room). Once the operating room is ready you will be brought to the Operating Room. You will meet with Dr. Jugenburg once again where you and Dr. Jugenburg will review the surgical plan. You will be marked and the markings will be reviewed with you to ensure that you agree with what Dr. Jugenburg will be doing. Next you will lie down on the operating table the Anesthetist will give you relaxation medication and slowly put you to sleep.

The surgery takes between 1.5 and 2.5 hours, depending on how much fat and how many areas are liposuctioned. Unlike other centres that may take 4-6 hours to perform this procedure, Dr. Jugenburg’s fast and efficient surgical protocols ensure that you get the best quality fat transfer while minimizing risks associated with prolonged anesthesia. In general, Dr. Jugenburg’s philosophy is keep elective surgical procedures under 4 hours to minimize potential risks associated with prolonged general anesthesia such as Deep Venous Thrombosis and Pulmonary Embolism.

Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure Stages

The first part of the surgery involves Liposuction of areas where you have excess fat. Excess fat is removed very carefully to ensure that it is not damaged and that fat cells will survive the purification and transfer stages.
The second part of the surgery is the purification process. The fat (and fat cells) which have been removed are very carefully stored and then purified to ensure that only the best quality fat cells are used for your butt enhancement.
In the final, third step the purified fat is then very carefully injected (grafted) into your buttocks for sculpting and butt augmentation. The exact distribution of fat cells is predetermined before the surgery and Dr. Jugenburg will mark all the areas where he plans on injecting the fat prior to the surgery so that you have a chance to see and confirm that that is the fat distribution you want to shape your butt.

Once the surgery is finished you will be transferred onto a recovery bed and you will be transferred to the recovery room where you will stay until you are fully awake. Once fully awake you will be asked to turn around and lie on your stomach, not your back. From this point on, avoiding pressure on the butt is essential to ensure as many fat cells as possible survive this surgery.

Recovery from Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

After the Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery, you will be asked to avoid any direct pressure on your butt for two weeks. For two weeks you should not sit on your butt. You should sleep on your stomach. You can sit down for short periods of time if needed. When you do, please make sure you sit on a very very soft pillow. It is important that the fat cells that have been transferred to your butt are treated extremely gently. They have been traumatized during the liposuction and injection. They are very fragile. And they must be allowed to survive until your body establishes blood vessels in the new areas of fat. It is essential that blood flow is established to bring in nutrients, oxygen to these fat cells. Not all fat cells survive, therefore you will need to wait for 3 months to see the final results.

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Fat grafts are permanent if done correctly.

1)- The fat has to be aspirated properly
Higher pressure liposuction disrupts and kills a certain percentage of fat cells. For this reason, I use a low pressure technique. Thus, right from the start, I have a higher chance of success.

2)- The fat has to be processed properly
I let the fat sit in a cool environment (slows down the fat cell metabolism) so the fluid separates from the fat. We then separate the live fat cells from the body fluid and contents of disrupted cells by a decanting process which does not touch the live cells. What is left is a slurry of almost 100% live cells.

3)- The fat has to be injected properly
Blood vessels from the surrounding tissues grow into the fat graft. If you inject a thick wad of fat cells, the cells in the center of the wad will starve before the blood vessels reach them. Thus the fat grafts have to be injected in fine portion. This is a very painstaking and slow process. If you inject a lot at a time, many cells will not survive.

4)- The post operative period is as important as the surgery
I tell all my patients that they should not sit at all for two weeks after surgery. You want to keep those grafts completely free of pressure until blood vessels grow into them and until those vessels are hardy enough to withstand the pressure and shearing effects of sitting on them.