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Brazilian Butt Lift Before & After Photos

While many clinics advertise this surgery, they do not perform Brazilian Butt Lift procedures very often. They have no before/after pictures on their websites, or perhaps show one or two.

At the Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute, it is one of the most common procedures we perform. Below you will find some of our before and after pictures, and many more are available for you to see during your consultation in our clinic.

Brazilian Butt lift hourglass figure
Brazilian Butt Lift shaping
Brazilian Butt Lift Toronto 2013
Brazilian Butt Lift 550 cc per cheek
The beauty of a Brazilian Butt Lift is that it not only enhances the butt, it also sculpts the waist. The three patients above have been transformed to have not only more curvaceous butt, but also a smaller waist and a more hour-glass like figure.
Adding volume to the butt, while liposuctioning fat away from the waist and midline creates a more defined curve from the lower back onto the buttock.
Brazilian Butt Lift Toronto Photo 4
Traditionally, Brazilian Butt Lift involves transferring fat (fat grafting) to the upper buttock. In some cases, however, patients prefer to have the fat grafted lower to create a fuller look rather then an impression of a lift
Brazilian Butt Lift Toronto Photo 6
Fat grafting from the belly and flanks (love handles) and transfer into the butt to give a fuller, more rounded appearance
Brazilian Butt Lift Toronto Photo 10
Brazilian Butt Lift before and after photo of this girl in her late twenties shows the sculpting benefit of a Brazilian Butt Lift surgery. Very skinny to begin with, she had very little fat that could be used for fat grafting. Still, the surgery was able to shape her waist, trim the love handles and add some volume to her bum to make it look and feel fuller.
Brazilian Butt Lift Toronto Photo 17
The before and after photo of this Brazilian Butt Lift patient demonstrates the "lift" of a Brazilian Butt Lift. There is no 'real' lift but because of placement of the fat injection into the upper buttock, it creates a visual illusion of a butt lift.
Brazilian Butt Lift Toronto Photo 18
Some patients are very skinny to begin with. As long as their expectations are realistic (the butt increase is not that big) they can still get very nice contour improvement as seen in this young girl who's waist (love handles) are trimmed and butt sticks out a little more. Given the limited amount of fat that could be liposuctioned and fat grafted into her butt, she has a very nice result.
Brazilian Butt Lift and Tummy Tuck
The above patient underwent a Brazilian Butt Lift and at a later stage a tummy tuck. The brazilian butt lift transferred fat to her buttocks making the waist slimmer, but did not address the excess skin and loose muscle. Several months after the BBL she underwent a tummy tuck to remove loose skin on her belly and had her abdominal muscles tightened to give her a tighter and flatter abdomen
Brazilian Butt Lift in Toronto (side view)
Unlike the previous patient, this woman did not require a tummy tuck, liposuction to harvest the fat for a brazilian butt lift alone was sufficient to flatten her belly. The fat was then transferred to her butt. Also note that liposuction of her sides and lower back helped to better define her waist and exaggerate the butt curves.
Body Builder Brazilian Butt Lift
This woman is a body builder and already had a well-defined waist and a full butt. She wanted to take the residual fat from around her waist and use it to exaggerate her butt curves. Given that she was in a great shape already and had very little excess fat, she understood that the procedure would be mostly for sculpting as she did not have enough fat to create a large butt augmentation
Brazilian Butt Lift in think women
Limited amount of fat was available in this thin-looking patient, however she had good fat in her love handles and lower back area that was used to augment her buttocks.

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