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How can I know if I am a Candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Not everyone can undergo a Brazilian Butt Lift. To be eligible, first you need to have sufficient excess fat that can be used for a transfer into your butt. Second, you need to have realistic goals.

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To be a good candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift surgery, you need to have sufficient EXCESS fat which can be used to be transferred to the butt, you need to be in good health, and you need to have realistic expectations.

Having sufficient EXCESS fat

Everybody has fat. But most people over-estimate how much fat they have that we can used for the Brazilian Butt Lift surgery. You need to have EXCESS fat. This is fat which when removed leaves you looking normal, not scooped out or deformed. Excess fat is usually fat that is bulging out. Imagine what you would look like if your belly pouch was flat and not bulging. Imagine what your waist would look like if your love handles were not sticking out. Imagine what your thighs looked like if they were straighter. Now think about how much fat would need to come off in each of those areas to achieve that look. Very often it is not too much. For example many patients point to their love handles and thighs as a great source of fat. While it may be true that they have fat in those areas, not all of this fat should be removed. If it was, it would leave a scooped out look, as if shark took a bite out of you. Thus, when collecting fat for the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure, Dr. Jugenburg has to balance the need to get as much fat as possible while leaving the donor area looking normal.

Being in good overall health

Every surgical patient must be in good health first and foremost. Surgery, no matter how trivial, is not a joke and Dr. Jugenburg will assess you to ensure that you are healthy and able to undergo a Brazilian Butt Lift in a safe manner. Prior to your surgery Dr. Jugenburg will examine you, obtain your medical history, and ask you to provide us with recent blood work and test results as deemed necessary by Dr. Jugenburg.
Additionally, you need to ensure that you are in good health and that your body is at its maximal healing potential. A healthy diet, a good heart (cardio), no smoking are very important. Smoking cessation is the easiest and most effective way to increase the quality of your results in smokers.

Realistic expectations for a Brazilian Butt Lift

It is essential that your expectations are realistic because without that you will not be happy with your outcome no matter how well the surgery goes. Dr. Jugenburg will sit down with you during your consolation and discuss with you what you can expect from this surgery. Understanding the limitations of Brazilian Butt Lift surgery will allow you to better prepare for your surgery. Dr. Jugenburg will examine you and use his sophisticated computer simulator to illustrate to you what can be expected from this surgery.

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