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Body Sculpting in the Brazilian Butt Lift

Body Sculpting is the most important and most effective component of the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure.

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"Body sculpting is the most important component of the Brazilian Butt Lift", states Dr Martin Jugenburg of the Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute. The liposuction procedure, which is performed as the first part of the Brazilian Butt Lift surgery is more than just an opportunity to collect some fat that is then used for butt enlargement. This surgical step is probably just as important as the fat transfer, if not more important. The reason for this is that as the fat is removed through the liposuction technique, the surgeon has be more of an artist than a collector. A keen artistic eye is needed to ensure that the fat is removed in a way that leaves a beautiful, cosmetically-appealing body contour. If not done properly, the shape and proportions left behind might make it look like you have no body shape, or an unhealthy body shape.

Dr. Jugenburg reviews your body fat distribution and will let you know where the best fat for fat transfer can come from.

Liposuction of the Abdomen

Most patients have a lot of excess, stubborn fat on their belly. Thus for most Brazilian Butt Lift patients, Dr. Jugenburg starts by performing liposuction of the abdomen. The abdomen is not supposed to be a flat board, but rather it should have faint and feminine curves (in women), or a well defined midline (in men).

Liposuction of the Love Handles

Almost everybody has stubborn fat in their love handles. And this fat is very often of great quality, making it a great source for fat transfer to the butt. Additionally, removing the love handle bulges alone creates a beautiful improvement to your body… because we feel nobody needs love handles.

Liposuction of the Thighs

Most women would like their inner thighs to be smaller or completely gone. Liposuction of the inner thighs is on virtually everyone's wish lists that comes to see Dr. Jugenburg at his downtown Toronto clinic. However, more often than not, when women think they have too much fat in their inner things, it is in fact just loose skin which will not respond well to liposuction. Outer thighs, on the other hand are more likely to be a good source of fat for fat transfer to the butt. First, unlike with the inner thighs, if you have extra volume on the outer thighs that it is more likely to be fat rather than just loose skin. This fat is usually great for fat transfer to the butt. Secondly, by reducing the size of the outer thighs, in addition to transferring the fat to the butt, the overall aesthetic appeal of the butt area is dramatically improved.

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